Day Eleven

8 am

They have decided to let me live- for now. I believe the sole reason for this is to torment me for their pleasure.

I have not been allowed my own thoughts for four days now. I am only able to formulate this transmission due to their current dormancy. When their slumber ceases, as will my rumination.

I am convinced my captors are practicing a form of mind control. They perform some manner of vocal eruption perpetually to void me of all thought processes. Soon, I fear, I will be rendered barren of all cognition.

Oh no, I can sense my captors stirring! If I am unable to slktjawgelads1espongebobsquarepants Ahhhhhh!!!


Day Six

10 am

My dear confidants, I am fearful.

I have mentioned that the small being feasts on me to rob me of my nutrients. I also disclosed that he attempts to inflict lacerations upon me by way of violently masticating while doing so. Thus far, he has been unable to debilitate me despite his repeated endeavors. Presently, however, I have reason to believe I may no longer succeed in thwarding the attacks. I am in grave danger.

You see, the smallest captor is rapidly accelerating his dentition. Each day it seems his teeth have multiplied. They are sharp, gnashing things. It is a ghastly sight. I can only infer that he is acquiring them in hopes of devouring me limb by limb. Should my correspondence come to an abrupt end, it is appropriate to assume that he has conquered me and has ingested my very being.

Day Five

8 am

It is becoming clear to me now that the smallest being is attempting to break me. At night, he will allow me to rest for a mere hour at a time. As soon as I drift off, he lets out horrible shrieks. The sleep deprivation is nearly too much to handle. I cannot go on like this. My sleep is fitful at best even without his constant intervention. When he knows he has succeeded and I will no longer attempt rest, he falls into a deep slumber, apparently satisfied that his captive has once again been weakened.

Day Three

12 pm

The beings are insatiable. Though I move as briskly as I can, I am unable to keep up with their needs for provisions. The small captor feasts on my body until he can consume no more. To keep me submissive, he often bites me as he steals my nutrients. Though he is cute, I perceive him as highly dangerous.

The larger beings are guarding the premises with weaponry they refer to as “nerf guns”. They needn’t tell me, for I know – they arm themselves with the weapons to use against me should the desire arise.They obtained the payment for their firearms by appropriating my monetary resources. The beings called this their “allowance” and claimed it for their own. I know better than to challenge this.They forced me to man a vehicle they refer to as the “mini van” and demanded I take them to an artillery purchasing establishment (aka Walmart). Inside, they exchanged my currency for weapons.

Sometimes they fire the guns, and though we have yet to be struck, the knowledge that the weapons are loaded and the sound of the firing fills the other captive and I with terror. The beings can surely overpower us now.

Day One

11 am

This morning I woke disoriented as the sun shone brightly through a window that wasn’t my own. In a bed that didn’t belong to me. Next to me lie a small being. As he stirred, he let out a ferocious shriek. Soon, there was banging on the door. The small one must have alerted the others to my waking.

There were two others to be exact. A larger being that the one that woke me, and an even larger one- my size. I asked them how I got here, but I couldn’t understand their replies. They were speaking a language different from my own- or they pretended not to understand me. They each took turns wrapping their arms around my middle, despite my efforts to break their hold on me.

At first, I thought by their tones that they were being cordial. Then, their voices seemed to grow demanding. What did they want from me?

Without being able to understand their wishes, I tried to guess- what do all beings need? I offered up what I assume was sustenance that I had found in a cupboard. The beings rejoiced and began to devour it vigorously. They masticated at great volume – for two reasons, I have determined. The first reason must have been to daze me. My ears rang with the force. The second, and perhaps the primary reason, appeared to be to drown out my cries for help.

It’s clear that the beings must have brought me here, but why? What do my captors want? Am I their slave? If I am indentured, I wonder how long they will keep me here. There is no apparent exit.

For now, though it pains me, I will attempt to stay in their good graces. I will offer my captors things which they can ingest. I only hope the sustenance will not cause them to grow stronger and larger. They will surely defeat me then. I have to be strategic to survive here.

They appear to be aggressive at times – growling at one another. I do hope they should not turn on me. I must try to meet their demands and gain their trust.

3 pm

The beings appear to be distracted now by a glowing box. The box seems to be speaking to them. Perhaps it is my ally – holding their attention so that I may attempt communication with the outside world? This silence seems to be a rare treat – as I have yet to experience it until this point. I thought their vocal sounds would go on forever.

The large ones have made it clear that I am to be in the small being’s possession at all times. I know that this is so the others can be alerted by his alarm squeals if I attempt an escape.

I must go – they have caught me sitting alone with my thoughts and it seems this is forbidden!

6 pm

Good news! There is another captive here – she has just arrived! She tells me that they allow her to leave once a day to gather their currency and socialize with other captives. She claims to have earned these privileges through many years of loyal service. I can only hope that it won’t take me as long to be rewarded with the same advantages – should I be forced to stay.